The Homerun Club was created by the parents of the Frisco High School baseball team.  We are a non-profit organization designed specifically to support the Frisco High School baseball team.  We raise money by a nominal membership fee, which is $50.00.  The money collected is for the annual Baseball Bash event, 4 Senior scholarships provided to graduating seniors who are selected and any additional expenditures which come up during the year.  

Much like collecting funds for the Baseball Bash, we have set up a digital account for the HRC regarding any payments.  In order to pay for your membership, simply follow the link to SQUARE CASH to create your own account (if you have a Square Cash account, there is no need to set up an additional account).  Once you have created your own account, select "PAY", enter the amount for the HRC Membership, which is $50.00.  In the "TO" field, enter our hashtag $FHSHRC and then in the "FOR" field, type in "Membership" .  There are no additional charges you will have, simply pay the amount for a membership.  Square Cash is FDIC approved, much like your own personal bank account.  We realize this is a new way for our parents to provide payment for the Bash and some may not be comfortable paying via the internet.  We have done a great deal of research for an app that will provide ultimate security for you, as well as the Homerun Club.  We ask that you fill out the information listed below to have each players'/parent information on file.  We appreciate your understanding in submitting payment this way and filing out your information.  Should you have any questions regarding the Homerun Club Membership or Square Cash, please send us an email

​We hope that all parents will sign up for a Homerun Club Membership.

*All payments via the SQUARE CASH app for Baseball Bash, HRC Membership and/or Player Ads

(any combination of purchases) may be combined for one simple payment.​​*